Boys And Their Toys

My 10 year old son is having a friend stay over tonight.

Of all the electronics and movies and gaming systems we have, can you guess what they’ve been happily playing with for over an hour?

A cheap, netless (it was shredded long ago) Dollar Store plastic basketball hoop hanging from a closet door.


I would have been insanely jealous to have his room and all the stuff in it at his age (hell, I am now. He has the largest room in the house). There’s even a nicer door hanging basketball hoop he bought with a Christmas gift card.


I suppose I should be happy they’re being active instead of rotting in front of a game or movie.

And I would be…if only it didn’t smell so much like sweaty boy in the living room.


Motivation, Come Out Of Hibernation

I’m tired and unmotivated today. It’s really, really cold outside and all I want to do is curl up under fluffy covers with my warm laptop and veg out watching Suburgatory.

But NO! The WIWTB recognizes that several things need to be done around the house first. 2013 decluttering aside, today I need to:

Take down the Christmas tree. (!!!) I said I was leaving it up until the end of January and now it’s obviously February 1. I really don’t want to because the warm glow of the lights offset the dismal winter feeling, but I must.

Clean the bathroom. Hate this, but it is much more tolerable now that it actually looks clean when I’m done (we had it renovated in October).

Join Weight Watchers. Done, but that was depressing. I can’t believe I let myself get here again.

Update the Checkbook. Done, not as depressing as this time last year, I’m happy to report.

Take off the ugly ass nail polish and paint them clear. *sigh* And probably some other girly stuff, but I’m not making any promises on that.

“I’ll feel better when it’s done, I’ll feel better when it’s done.”


In an effort to look more put together and in turn, feel better, I decided to start polishing may nails again. It only took one day for me remember why I stopped.


My four year old could have done a better job.

Maybe it’s just me, but nail polish takes so long to dry on my nails. The only time I really have to do this is before bed. Even then, I feel like I need to sleep with my hands up in the air. This morning I woke up with bubbles, smears, and sheet impressions. After I had let them dry for an hour before and walked around with my hands out like a zombie to avoid this very thing.

I need to take it off and start over.


Discouraging. I think I’ll just stick to clear on my hands and color on my toes until I can be grown up enough to figure this out. I forgot how hard it is to be a girl.

Today’s Accomplishments

I know I haven’t  posted (or even finalized, if I’m being honest) my long term goals for the WIWTB, but I figure if I slow my roll…it will completely halt and be stuck in the very rut from which I’m trying to claw my way out.

So today…

I made the dreaded trek to The Wal Mart. I bought a lot things we need and a lot of things I think we need to accomplish some goals.

Ground Chuck Roast – I’m not exactly sure WTF I’m supposed to do with it, but I was standing in the meat department and excitedly yelling in my head, “I WANT TO MAKE A ROAST!” Well, roast looked expensive and this was half price. But it’s a slab, not the roundish ones I remember my Mom making. Vive le Google!  I guess I’ll figure it out. This is part of my goal to eat healthier, learn to cook different things so we don’t eat so much processed foods, and get out of the “same old, same old” pit.

Nail File and Nail Polish – This is part of my goals of using the time I have for myself wisely and taking more pride in my appearance. I want to start painting my nails and I haven’t give myself a pedicure in…I don’t even know how long. Taking pride in my appearance has, in the past, led to me feeling better about myself causing a snowball of momentum that splatters into other parts of my life. I filed my nails while I watched Project Runway. Baby steps.

Fresh Produce – How long does a head of lettuce last? I’ve never bought one, but I figured what the heck, if I’m getting all crazy. I almost asked an Amish woman if she knew. I regret not doing that.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Organic Free Range Cage Free Hand Fed Once Had Kids And A Wife Chicken Breast – How delightfully pretentious. This chicken is clean to cycle in the Tour de France. But really, the hummus is to drown broccoli in and the chicken was individually packaged and had the fat trimmed off. I despise doing that.

Greek Yogurt – I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon. If everyone else is breaking plates, why shouldn’t I? Oooompa!

I also cleaned out a cupboard that was full of junk and used it for its rightful purpose to store extra dry goods.  Hopefully, I stay organized enough to remember how much stuff we have up there before it expires.

I made coffee and set the timer. I KNOW! Such a stupid little task makes me more apt to drag myself from the warm covers on time and have a more productive day.

Tonight’s Goals: 

Wash and chop some veggies and pack them for a snack at work tomorrow.

Lay out everyone’s clothes.

Bonus goal:  put on a clear coat of nail polish.

Stage Fright

Why is it that every time I start a blog I freeze up when it’s time to make the first post?

I ruminate over all the witty words I’ll type and the personal insight I’ll achieve. I set up a new email, find the perfect title and tagline, and mentally write posts in my head for a few days that sound so good in there! Then I set up the blog and….nothing. Stage fright.

In the past, I’ve used blogger, livejournal, squarespace, and wordpress multiple times. I start off slow, gain momentum, find a happy hobby, then lose interest – or worse – people start reading and commenting. Stage fright.

I’ve never been one to share innermost thoughts with complete strangers or even close acquaintances. Sure, I open up sometimes to my sister or husband, but mostly I keep it in and overanalyze myself to the point of exhaustion. I suppose I could go back to keeping written journals as I did while growing up. Even then, I was terrified my older brother would find them and pass them around school so I kept it fairly impersonal. Stage fright.

Admittedly, I’m also a hor for technology. I’ve become so accustomed to being able to write, edit, rearrange, and delete words quickly that I’m not sure I could go backwards at this point. So I made another blog. And this time it’s for a purpose and to perpetuate action from me. I need to better myself and I need to document my progress. I need to become the Woman I Want To Be (more on that later). If people happen to read and comment, awesome. If not, that’s ok too. But I will not lose interest and will keep going.

Stage fright, no more.