Motivation, Come Out Of Hibernation

I’m tired and unmotivated today. It’s really, really cold outside and all I want to do is curl up under fluffy covers with my warm laptop and veg out watching Suburgatory.

But NO! The WIWTB recognizes that several things need to be done around the house first. 2013 decluttering aside, today I need to:

Take down the Christmas tree. (!!!) I said I was leaving it up until the end of January and now it’s obviously February 1. I really don’t want to because the warm glow of the lights offset the dismal winter feeling, but I must.

Clean the bathroom. Hate this, but it is much more tolerable now that it actually looks clean when I’m done (we had it renovated in October).

Join Weight Watchers. Done, but that was depressing. I can’t believe I let myself get here again.

Update the Checkbook. Done, not as depressing as this time last year, I’m happy to report.

Take off the ugly ass nail polish and paint them clear. *sigh* And probably some other girly stuff, but I’m not making any promises on that.

“I’ll feel better when it’s done, I’ll feel better when it’s done.”


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