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In an effort to look more put together and in turn, feel better, I decided to start polishing may nails again. It only took one day for me remember why I stopped.


My four year old could have done a better job.

Maybe it’s just me, but nail polish takes so long to dry on my nails. The only time I really have to do this is before bed. Even then, I feel like I need to sleep with my hands up in the air. This morning I woke up with bubbles, smears, and sheet impressions. After I had let them dry for an hour before and walked around with my hands out like a zombie to avoid this very thing.

I need to take it off and start over.


Discouraging. I think I’ll just stick to clear on my hands and color on my toes until I can be grown up enough to figure this out. I forgot how hard it is to be a girl.